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✨ The overview  


The 5D mastermind is an intimate, intensive 4-month container where you will create the highest possible outcome for your self-expression in the world through digital strategy, intuitive business and energetic practices.


  1. Group educational and coaching sessions with Ksenia and curated guest experts
  2. One-on-one consulting with Ksenia and curated guest experts
  3. Experiences that help you create space for and integrate your expanded vision


The 2021 Mastermind is complete! Dates for the next cohort haven't been announced. 

In the meantime, see available offerings on conscioussocialmediamethod.com

5D  Mastermind

not your usual business mastermind.

The 5D Mastermind is an intimate, intensive 4-month container where you will create the highest possible outcome for your self-expression in the world through digital strategy, intuitive business and energetic practices.

It is a sacred space, a supportive incubator for you to focus on what matters. 

old marketing and business templates don't work in the new paradigm.

the answers are on the edge between your inner journey and outer goals... but how do you translate cosmic downloads into tangible steps? 

i'm here to hold space for you to create a magnetic online presence that leads to a thriving business aligned with your path by bridging your inner tech (intuition) with outer tech (social media).

are you ready to...

Consistently tap into your powerful inner guidance? 

Translate cosmic downloads into tangible steps in your business? 

Align the visible and the invisible? 

are your excited to...

Become crystal clear on your brand and various offerings?

Have clarity in your message and your unique methodology?

Generate consistent income from your aligned online presence? 

how would it feel to...

Show up unapologetically as a thought leader in your niche? 

Be seen and supported to bring your full potential out?

Experience wild synchronicities and open doors? 

who is this for?

5D Mastermind is a 4-month mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to uplevel your self-expression and business by bridging your inner tech (intuition) with outer tech (digital realms).

This intimate mastermind hosted by Ksenia and guest teachers – people I've personally relied on to help me grow my business in an aligned way.

You will get one-on-one support in identifying and implementing business goals that are important to you in a way that's both strategic and intuitive.


  • meet your guide

    my name is Ksenia, and I'm on a mission to create transformational containers that facilitate consciousness and business upgrades for entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives.

    i've been named "top social media coach of 2020" by Yahoo Finance, I've spoken at conscious leadership events around the world, led mindfulness retreats, and have started award-nominated movements.

    all of the above was a result of energy practices that expanded my consciousness and gave me direct access to unique guidance that was right for me.

    you have access to your unique guidance, too. this mastermind is a space for you to tap into it like never before, with fiery but loving support in taking action on what matters to YOU.

    The possibilities of today’s digital world are INFINITE. 

    Anyone can tap into its potential to create success, fulfillment and positive impact. 

    Humanity is going through a wave of awakening and the doors into the world of possibility are wide open – NOW more than ever before. 

    But few are merging their spiritual journey with their digital journey. 

    Most are too busy trying to fit their visions into the old 3D paradigm… with no success. 

    I was sent here to create the 5D mastermind to hold space for aligned souls to UPLEVEL their on- and offline presence and as a result, create a ripple effect of abundance.

    Does this awaken the Divine part of you that’s ready to start living full out? 

    Are you feeling an inkling to step out and be seen, all within a safe, supportive container? 

    I’ve spent the past 15 years studying energy practices – from reiki to meditation and QiGong – all while building my own digital empire. What I realized along the way, is that the deeper I went within, the more clearly I was guided in the physical realm. 

    My ego likes to believe that I’ve cracked the code of being plugged into both seen and unseen realms, but the Divine keeps reminding me to surrender all labels, drop in deeper, and serve without holding back.

    I received the guidance to launch this Mastermind after an 9-month hiatus from launching group programs. I kept asking for a date to re-launch my group offering, the Conscious Social Media Program… but it wasn’t given to me until I acted on the guidance to start this mastermind.

    It’s time for a mastermind that hasn’t existed before – one that holds expansive space for you to uplevel your frequency while getting nitty gritty with smart business strategy. 

    The right souls are ready to take on this Divine assignment. I’m so excited to meet you and hold you through this illuminating 4-month experience.

    That’s why I’m really here. 

    what's included?

    •7 90-minute mastermind group calls (all replays will be available for 1 year) – a custom curriculum will be developed based on participants' needs

    4 75-minute one-on-one attunement sessions with Ksenia (1 per month)

    3 75-minute cacao ceremony circles: a gentle space to process the unraveling of your upgraded self

    1 Akashic Records reading specific to your business to access answers from the deepest realm OR 1 custom guided frequency healing session created specifically for you

    1 Human Design reading for game-changing clarity on how to channel your natural energy into your into your personal brand and business

    1 conscious sales training with Eric Brief: NLP, psychology & energetics of sales

    1 crystal workshop with @crystalcriminals: build a crystal grid to create energetic infrastructure for your intention for the mastermind container

    surprise guest teachers – leaders in the realm of consciousness & entrepreneurship 

    A private slack channel for this mastermind group only

    UPDATED: A 1-day virtual retreat: Energy work and strengthening intuition 


    1 custom set of high-end crystals curated by @crystalcriminals to support your specific intention

    1 custom set of LotusWei flower potions to support your specific intention

  • this is for you if...

    You have experience in the entrepreneurial world 

    You’re willing to transform how you see social media and business 

    You’re a healer or a coach ready to get out of the daily grind 

    You’re an entrepreneur or a business owner that knows that you’re made for more

    You’re ready to face what’s in the way of your massive upleveling

    You’re willing to show up FULLY, even through the discomfort

    You're ready to CLARIFY and optimize your offerings and funnels

    You know it's time to be seen more than ever before

    You can make a powerful choice to invest into yourself 

    ksenia avdulova conscious social media mastermind

    about Ksenia

    Ksenia Avdulova Brief is founder of the award-nominated digital platform Breakfast Criminals and host of Funded by Source podcast, focusing on expanded consciousness and entrepreneurship in the digital age. 

    Named "35 Under 35 In Wellness" by Wanderlust and "Top Social Media Coach" by Yahoo Finance, Ksenia is here to transform how you show up and make impact online.

    Ksenia has partnered with brands like Vitamix, Miu Miu, Adidas, THINX, GirlUp and Glossier and appeared on the cover of Kashi GOLEAN cereal boxes nationwide (without being a pro athlete).

    She has led keynotes and workshops at the United Nations GirlUp Summit, Washington University's Olin Business School, WELLSummit, MindBodyGreen's Revitalize, Lead with Love and other conscious leadership events globally.

    Ksenia is based in a tiny cabin in the Catskills, New York and can be found making ceremonial cacao while watching hummingbirds.

    apply to join the mastermind

    this mastermind is the only way to work with me in an intensive format and is the only experience of its kind. 

    i'm sure it will bring together a very special group of humans, and I can't wait to meet you.

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